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J E S S I    G O T T A  

is a NYC based filmmaker, writer and voice over artist. She’s a full-fledged military brat, having lived across the US and Japan, all before the age of 12. She graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts from VA Tech, and performed in regional theater in the DC area, before moving to New York City where she started working in indie theater. After performing in well over 25 productions, Jessi made the leap to filmmaking. Since then, she’s written and produced 3 award winning features, that have sold into distribution, along with several shorts.

Jessi started, Inappropriate films, a production company that focuses on genre-bending, female-led horror projectS.

J A N E   R O S E 

began pursuing her love of horror films and special fx with Brooklyn-based guerrilla film collective Reel Sweet Betty, back in the days when the desolate, empty lots of Williamsburg might pass for an abandoned grave yard or a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Her movies have screened at the H P Lovecraft Film Festival, the Coney Island Film Festival, the Pretty-Scary Film Festival and as part of Bryan Enk’s Sinister Six series. Her short Lovecraftian film THE STATEMENT OF RANDOLPH CARTER was included in shorts anthology The Horror of H P Lovecraft.  During her ‘Betty’ days, Jane discovered that she was handy with a blood pump and a bottle of latex and further pursued special fx makeup via classes at Makeup Mania, the School of Visual Arts and Combat Inc., in addition to gaining valuable knowledge from established makeup artists around NYC. Jane’s work has since been seen on The History Channel, The Today Show, Conan O’Brien, and in many local film and theater productions. Her work on Jessi Gotta and Bryan Enk’s film THE BIG BAD won her a best special effects makeup from the 2011 Maverick Movie Awards. 


S T E P H A N I E   C O X - C O N N O L L Y 

is an SFX/gore designer, fight choreographer, actor and director for independent theatre and film in New York. SFX/gore design credits include: Theatre – BAT BOY (New Jersey Institute of Technology), ROMEO & JULIET & ZOMBIES (Opera House Arts), FRANKENSTEIN UPSTAIRS (Gideon Productions), THE CHEATERS CLUB (The Amoralists), THE MAN WHO LAUGHS (Stolen Chair Theatre Company), BLAST RADIUS (Gideon Productions), BREW OF THE DEAD II: OKTOBERFLESH (Dysfunctional Theatre), ZOMBIE WEDDING (R.C. Staab/Fringe NYC), MOTHERBOARD, DEATH VALLEY (AntiMatter Collective), THE BLOOD BROTHERS PRESENT… horror anthologies, THE LITTLE ONE (Nosedive Productions), NEIGHBORHOOD 3: REQUISITION OF DOOM (Summer Play Festival). Film – THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL (Inappropriate Films), HOUSE GUESTS, EVERMORE and MONDAY (SINISTER SIX MUST BE DESTROYED short film anthology); Assistant Effects/Make-up – ANNIVERSARY DINNER (A Jessi Gotta Film) and ZOMBIES: A LIVING HISTORY (The History Channel).


Stephanie was named "NYC’s Queen of Gore" by the New York Press and the “Tom Savini of Off-Off Broadway" by the New York Times. She received a B.A. in Theatre, a Musical Theatre Conservatory degree and a Master of Arts in Educational Theatre. She was named a Person of the Year by for 2011.



A L Y S S A   S I M O N 

is an award-winning actress who has performed on film, in stage and cabaret in the United States, South America and the Caribbean. Stage credits include work at The Public Theatre, The Duplex and Metropolitan Playhouse in NYC. Film credits with Ms. Gotta include They Will Outlive Us All (Claire) and Anniversary Dinner (Beth) for which she won a Tabloid Witch Award for Best Supporting Actress and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actress.




R E B E C C A   C O M T O I S 

is has been a New York based actress, producer and director since graduating from Vassar College in 2005.  She founded the production company Broken Window Films in 2010, where she has directed several short horror and comedy films including HOUSE GUESTS and WE’RE ALL STORIES IN THE END.  Rebecca has also worked as a producer on the web series CLEAN KILL, several short films and Executive Produced the feature film THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL which was an Official Selection of the Leeds International Film Festival, Twin Cities International Film Festival and the Berlin Independent Film Festival, among others.  In addition to her work in film Rebecca is also an actress and producer with the New York based theater company Gideon Productions.

S H A N  N O N    K.   H  A  L  L 

Studied Theatre at the University of Vermont, and after graduating went on to be a company member in the inaugural season of Northern Stage Company.


Then the ride began... she ran away with the Big Apple Circus and lived on the road for multiple tours... moved to Los Angeles and started working, sort of by accident, in post production for feature film and television... then moved back to New York City... Fifteen years later she is a Post Production Manager at a major (and totally cool) television network. Shannon typically works on the post production side of Inappropriate Films, but is beyond thrilled to expand her role to include Associate Director of a portion of The Moose Head over The Mantel.

Shannon shares her life with her amazing husband, Britt and their baby daughter, Nola Rose.

B R Y A N    E N K 

has written, produced and/or directed over 20 films since 1992, ranging in running times from 1 to 120 minutes and in genres from experimental horrorscapes to romantic dramas. His most recent projects include THE PASSION OF PAUL ROSS (currently in post-production), the companion piece/spiritual semi-sequel to his four-part grunge fantasy anthology, PINK COFFINS (1998), and THE BIG BAD (2011), a feature-length horror film he produced with his gotta/enk production partner, Jessi Gotta, and for which he won the Best Director award from the 2011 Maverick Movie Awards. PENTAGRAM GIRL, the sequel to his hallucinatory dark fantasy short, SCARLETT MECCA AND THE PENTAGRAM GIRL (1999), will commence with production in 2016.

Bryan is also the creator and curator of THE SINISTER SIX, an annual horror anthology series featuring six short films by six directors that screened in New York City over Halloween weekend through four installments (2006-2009), and the co-creator of PENNY DREADFUL, the highly acclaimed 12-episode supernatural stage serial that performed at The Brick Theater in Brooklyn, NY (2007-2009).


P A T R I C K   S H E A R E R

is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work has been seen by literally dozens of people around the world. From 2001-2013, he cut his NY indie theatre teeth with NOSEDIVE PRODUCTIONS as a director, actor, producer and sound designer. In 2006, he and co-founders Pete Boisvert and Stephanie Cox-Connolly created THE BLOOD BROTHERS PRESENT…, an original series of live horror plays based in the theatrical techniques of the Grand Guignol. He wrote, directed and edited his first film project--the horror short EVERMORE--in 2009, and followed it up with several collaborations with filmmaker Jessi Gotta: he can be seen in the role of Carter Petch in THE BIG BAD, assistant director for ANNIVERSARY DINNER, and co-director/co-DP on LATE NIGHT LOCAL. He directed his first feature, THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL (Wild Eye Releasing) from a script by Jessi Gotta, which won numerous awards on the festival circuit and can be streamed on Amazon. Most recently: cinematography and sound design for the dark fantasy feature THE HORROR AT GALLERY KAY.

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